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“While maintaining academic and vocational needs, teacher should focus on various opportunities and improvement-focused vocational skills in home tuition pudu.

Many news reaching 14-19 cohesion following the recommendations made, for example, in the report ‘Achieving School Success‘ in the White Paper in 2001 and a follow-up report ’14 -19: Extending Opportunities, Raising Standards’ in the Green Paper, 2002. All of these documents are available through the Internet. There were some heated discussions about the proposals and objections to the Tomlinson report. Therefore, you need to look into the discussion. The following is an overview of how developments discussed in the White Paper that affect the way you teach in schools and colleges. More apprenticeship scheme will be available to students. In 14 subjects, diploma for special skills associated with several key industry sectors will be offered to students.

The scheme will begin in 2008, with four subjects, namely, ICT, creative and media, health and social care as well as engineering until 2015, when all the 14 subjects taught in schools. Students must earn at least a grade C in Mathematics and English for diplomas. As part of efforts to increase the focus on vocational skills, 200 schools offering vocational courses will be built by 2008. While the new program is not held in any school or college, but can be found in every area. The new Science at GCSE level was introduced in 2006, and the standards for math and English skills will be enhanced. Brilliant pupil at A Level will be tested with additional questions that are more challenging, including the provision essay of 4,000 words. They can also follow the module universities and university students can also check marks for each module, compared to only one grade for a particular subject.


Pressure on Teachers

Although the task of teaching to give satisfaction to the teachers, but there is also a pressure. Stress not only affects your professional performance but also affect your life and health. The symptoms vary between individuals, such as disrupted sleep; tiredness; easy to forget and not timely; unable to control the situation; easy to get sick; and deterioration in personal relationships. Pressure must be addressed at the institutional level and not be borne alone by the trainees. The pressure caused by a variety of things, in different forms and can be handled in various ways.

What is important is that you should act if you are depressed. Pressure is not a failure and pressure require early treatment. Do not expect the depressed mood will disappear. Take a deep breath and ambit appropriate action. Try to identify the cause of the pressure. Usually, no specific cause in this case, you just felt like it could not control the situation. Even so, by recognizing the sources of stress and act accordingly, you will feel you can control it. Share the problems with those who can help in a practical or a ‘sympathetic’ with your complaints. If the problems were caused in the school, the mentor, tutor or your colleagues may be helpful or even reduce the stress you feel.

Tips in avoiding Stress

The following suggestions are not ‘catharsis’ your stress, but can provide a guide to help you control the situation.

• Determine the time for yourself. Teaching duties take a long time and before you know, the task of teaching will spend your time alone. Take time to do things that can calm yourself. While the expression was something bad, but avoid talking about things that happened at school during your breaks.

• Exercise. Even sounds a bit cliche, but certainly physical exercise can reduce stress levels. Make yourself what suits you like walking, playing ball or taking a dance class. Make sure you allocate time to take care of your health.

• Some people feel better when they write things that annoy. Writing can reduce stress because the process of writing to keep the pressure out of your mind. Create a short list of what you can do to solve various problems. Be realistic. Targets that are too high will not benefit anyone. Think of what you can do in a given period and do it. How can the allowances breaks for yourself and avoid saying ‘yes’ to everything that was ordered in home tuition pudu.

• Do not take it lightly if you have symptoms. If you feel tired or sick, get treatment. Forcing yourself to school is not the best way to tackle the disease in the long term.

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